Schlagende Wetter (Firedamp explosion), 2010 – 2016

Synchronic narrative, 4-channel, variable dimensions, installation in publich space and indoors, 16 mm on HD, 16:9, color, sound, loop 14’45. Actors: Feo Aladag, Sandro Lohmann, Oliver Mallison, Lisette Anna Hake, Erich Sewcz

The film installation “Schlagende Wetter (Firedamp Explosion)” is based on the transformation of the Ruhr Area into a park-like landscape. In the same way that extensive mining previously led to environmental, social and emotional complications, the process of restoring nature to the area also causes conflicts between generations and their different identities.

The main focus in these four scenes is on a small family living in the Ruhr Area. The parents, the grandfather as well as the son and his friends come across each other in four different places in alternating combinations. The industrial rift and the changing landscape are reflected in the psychological state of the inhabitants who behave like elements in an explosive chemical mixture.