Mittwwoch (Wednesday), 2013

Synchronic narrative, 2-channel, variable dimensions, outdoor and indoor installation, 16 mm to HD, 16:9, s/w, sound, Loop 14’06.
Actor: Christoph Luser

The two synchronised, almost identical projections show a man driving through the night. In one, he appears to be motivated by jealousy; in the other, by longing and desire. In a long solitary monologue the driver imagines the scene awaiting him at the home of his beloved. The car – on the threshold between private cell and public space – takes us to a Janus-faced world of emotions that is deeply rooted in our culture.

Text and mise-en-scène are inspired by the film „Un homme et une femme“ (engl.: „A Man and a Woman“) (1966) by Claude Lelouch.