tessuti, 2019

Photo series since 2019, fine art print on Hahnemühlepaper, size 148 x 209 cm and 58 x 81 cm

The photo series tessuti is based on macro shots of unique fabric patterns. The starting point of this series of works are precious and individual fabric patterns, which are still produced in the Venetian Tessitura Bevilacqua, a hand weaving mill, still using traditional punch cards on old wooden looms. The representative and individual material can be found in places of political power, like the White House, the Kremlin or the Vatican. But also pop icons like Mariah Carey are clients for the exquisite textiles of Bevilacqua.

The technique is a special photo collage which itself has certain parallels to the weaving of fabrics. Starting with a long camera pan over an original fabric, all recorded film stills are successively fanned out to form an overall picture, digitally interwoven row by row – almost like weaving with warp and weft. The crystallized time of filming always seems to resonate in the abstractly minimalist images. In the entirety of the photo series, a network of references to global places of political, religious or cultural representation unfolds.