Montag (Monday), 2009

Synchronic narrative, 2-channel, variable dimensions, 16 mm on HD, 16:9, Color, sound, Loop 9’44. Actors: Christoph Luser, Kathrin Anna Stahl, Hanna Schmidt.

The exactly synchronized films show on one screen a psychological condensed dialogue between a father and his daughter and between husband and wife. The parallel conversation reveals the ambivalent nature of emotions among family members: tender and threatening, childishly naive, rife with expectations or resentment. The identity of the father respectively husband alternates all the time between his different roles and emotions, between appreciative affection and subliminal aggression. The family -in terms of a political understanding the nucleus of society- is here shown in a reflective labyrinth.

Text and mise-en-scène are inspired by the scene “Monday” in Stanley Kubrick`s movie “The Shining” (1980). „Monday” is part of the series „7 days“, which each represent one day of the week.