Johanna-Zyklus (Johanna Cyle), 2000

Synchronic narrative, 6-channel, variable dimensions, DV, 16:9, Color, sound, Loop 19’39

The surround narration consists of six filmed dialogues that were developed in collaboration with author Helmut Krausser especially for this installation.

The viewer is surrounded by an arrangement of six semi-transparent screens, onto each of which one of the scenes is projected. At a time two of the three protagonists converge by turns compareable to a rondo.

Viewers can decide which of the screens, and hence which portion of the narrative, to watch first. In precise interplay, the six pictorial sequences merge the three protagonists into a single persona whose appearance is changeable. The six scenes are spliced identically, and are synchronized with one another down to the last frame in both staging and editing. They are screened parallel with one another, so that the simultaneous projection of specific moments in the actions, in combination with tracking, cutting, and music, results in a rhythmicized total effect.