Autobahnschleife (Motorway Loop) since 1996

Work in progres, Includes to date: technical drawings, photograph, explanatory report, 3-D video simulation, sticker

The project offers drivers an opportunity to leave the motorway at a sign-posted exit and to drive around a 360-degree-circuit that loops back to the motorway, rejoining it at the same point from which it branches off. The project is under development in close collaboration with an engineering firm. To begin with, a precise construction blueprint was prepared. A digitaly altered image and a video simulation illustrate the loop’s sculptural structure, set into the landscape of Vittorio Veneto/Italy, and provide the experience of navigating the loop by car. The publication of the scheme in book form facilitates a precise cost calculation. The funds are to be raised through sales of a sticker. Additional phases leading towards the project’s ultimate realization are meant to follow.